Thursday, February 11, 2010


Sarah Palin teeters between Tea Bagger and neocon patsy, some neoconservative rifts developing over Palin.

Scheunemann, that delivers daily briefings to Palin

Bill Kristol, went public with a criticism of her:
“I’m disappointed by her endorsement of [Rand] Paul,” said William Kristol
one of the conservatives credited with “discovering” Ms. Palin in 2007

It’s out of character for Kristol. Why this break? The appeal of Palin is their malleability on foreign policy

“going rogue,” endorsement of Rand Paul. who isolationist par-excellence of the libertarian right who has his own problems with the neocons

Paul says he would not have supported the war on Iraq

The Tea Baggers (cum quasi-isolationists) on one side and the neoconservatives on the other

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