Friday, May 21, 2010


Conpiracy Redux and Done.

The social and political systems of this world are complicated. It is not complicated because that is the nature of it, or because it is just naturally so. It is complicated because there are people and organizations who have spent hundreds of billions of dollars to make it complicated.

There are massive disinformation wars waged across this globe everyday. There are hundreds of people who make a career out of raising the "noise to signal ratio" to such a level that the signal disappears almost completely and if you could find it, you would need a code breaker to read it.

There are people who make a career out of writing alternative narratives. The US media, the world media is a CIA disinformation op. There are CIA assets at every nexus. The US intelligence agencies spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year hiding the truth and the intellegence agencies of Russia, China, Iran, etc., spend hundreds of billions of dollars a year trying to find the truth that the US has hidden, and vice versa.

What is the truth? Who knows? If you should ever find the complete truth, it would take several months to digest it and to recover from the shock of it. The truth we so blithely spoout is just someones narrative and for every narrative there are many equally plausible alternative narrative.

The notion that the narrative that you pick up on NBC, CBS, FOX, Washington Post, LA Times, or the POTUS press office, is the true narrative is ludicrous. And the notion that the possibility of the truth of an alternative narrative is simply

A conspiracy theory is a hypothesis. There are facts, generally disassociated. One needs a hypothesis to access and organize those facts into coherency. When someone want to discredit your hypotheses, they call it a conspiracy theory. A conspiracy theory is a hypothesis.

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