Thursday, May 27, 2010


There were journalistic puff pieces touting US Counterinsurgency (COIN) Strategy a book documented by General Petraeus. It was a regurgitation of French Marshal Lyautey's ink spot strategy. the showpiece the Marjah operation, has failed according to Stan of Banastan it has become a "bleeding ulcer.

Amongst the brass, backbiting and finger pointing. MacChrystal is being set up as a fall guy. General Petraeus presidential 2012.

McChrystal to return to special operations, targeted assassinations, it's desperation smacking of Phoenix Campaign.

Gone is hearts and minds. Make deals with the devil to get the intelligence information needed to decapitate the insurgency by assassinating the insurgent leaders.

decapitation is a tautological doctrinal. identify critical nodes, use strikes to destroy nodes. because nodes are vital, enemy collapse.

tautologically inevitable. They think it is a nengineering problem, where the adversary
acts and reacts predictably

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