Monday, May 17, 2010


Maybe now Rick Hertzberg of the New Yorker will write about the Sheikh Jarrah protest he attended. David Remnick will move further left on the issue.

centrist Jews will come out against the colonization and even East Jerusalem messianism

Robert Silvers of the NY Review is saying the water is safe

Moshe Halbertal is at the Sheikh Jarrah protests, so is Bernard Avishai;

The piece demonstrates the NY Review is a follower. these ideas have all been expressed before by Haaretz, Jerry Haber at Magnes Zionist, Rebecca Vilkomerson at Jewish Voice for Peace, Cecilie Surasky at JVP, Richard Silverstein, Daniel Fleshler, Max Blumenthal has been a siren.

Tony Judt said verbatim four years ago that American Jewish leadership thinks it's 1938 and they're nuts.

New York Review turns to one of George Bush's useful idiots, Beinart, a man who helped push the U.S. to war in Iraq and who worked for AIPAC during the 2008 election

NY Review nowhere credit Walt and Mearsheimer, they never reviewed their bombshell book.

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