Monday, May 17, 2010


AfPak is going to Helmand in a handbag. Banana Stan’s Marjah offensive, the “test” of his strategy went over like a lead zeppelin. The only thing McChrystal has done well in command of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) is what he did well for five years as head assassin of the Joint Special Operations Command: kill a lot of civilians in the process of hunting down “suspected” terrorists

On May 13, Stan says, “I think I would be prepared to say nobody is winning, at this point.”

When you’re the world’s sole superpower, and you’ve been bogged down for eight years by pismire adversaries who don’t have an air force or a navy or an army or even a defense budget, you’re not breaking even, you’re getting your heinie handed to you on a plate with a generous helping of grilled crow on the side.

And at long last, the people in charge of our militaristic Christian oligarchy are starting to realize that our armed excursions overseas are about to torpedo our ship of state,and all the power rangers are scrambling to the rat lines to avoid sharing an ocean-bottom tomb with Bush, Rummy, and Tommy Franks, the first chain of command in American history to both win and lose not one but two separate wars.

the recent Pentagon report indicates that Washington brass hats have “serious doubts” about McChrystal’s plan for Bananastan. a “senior military official” calling Marjah a “mixed bag” and saying “we don’t have a plan yet” for reconciling the disparate political entities in Afghanistan.

“Teflon General” Petraeus has been keeping a low profile of late as the counterinsurgency doctrine he supposedly wrote goes down in flames

Andrew Exum, who says, “I think everyone realizes counterinsurgency is a losing proposition for U.S. combat troops.”

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