Thursday, June 10, 2010


Attack on 60 truck supply convoy is dismissed, says USG as "not going to have an effect".

Well, of course not. That's a convoy only about a mile long. That's only about $11 million worth a equipment. The cargo comes for war profiteers, but even so, 10 million, tops (ok, who knows, (who cares), 20 mill, tops). $1 mill frt. charges, repair to 80 NATO Humvee's - ?, 6 killed, but they're Halliburton Filipinos, no benefits and plenty more where they come from. Of course, everybody knows we pay the Taliban to let our cargo through, don't know what happened there, but overall - super day, no effect. Feel free to do it again.

We probably attacked ourselves, except that would be a conspiracy theory. But, maybe its a criminal conspiracy, instead.

If we don't shut down the southern supply route, how are we going to open the northern supply route, and if we don't open the Northern Distribution Network, how are we going to expand the war to Kyrgyzstan. Maybe all war is a criminal conspiracy. Remember the Phoenix Operation in Vietnam. You think Afghanistan might be another Phoenix Operation? It was U.S. Marine Major General Smedley Darlington Butler who explain, in 1935, how War is a Racket. Maybe it is a criminal conspiracy you could call RICO capitalism, RICO warfare. Let us join the rest of the world in praying for the bankruptcy of the criminal conspiracy know as the USG.

Dang, I had better take all of that back. I think this is the thing to note: Every single statement made here is a fact. The way the facts have been strung together may be an hypothesis, and then again, maybe not. There are a million ways to tell a story. Maybe truth is determined by where you stand. That's called class consciousness. Class analysis is when you figure out who is there with you.

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