Monday, June 14, 2010


Game theory war planners rely on mathematical models to anticipate and shape outcomes with staged provocations. For the agent provocateur, the reactions to a provocation-as well as the reactions to those reactions-thereby become predictable within an acceptable range of probabilities.

It is time to take a closer look at how conflicts are catalyzed-by way of deception.

Those who deceive the US to invade Iraq in March 2003 began a decade beforehand to lay the "mental threads" and make the requisite mental associations to advance that agenda.

Today's mathematically model-able outcomes undermined US national security by discrediting our leadership, degrading our financial condition and disabling our political will. In game theory terms, this devastation was perfectly predictable

In the asymmetry that typifies modern warfare, those who are few in number have no alternative when pursuing an expansionist agenda but to wage their wars by way of deception.

To maintain its perceived status as a perennial victim, Israeli aggression must proceed non transparently. Its only option is to operate with duplicitous means, including leveraging he power of its insider influence to advance an agenda from the shadows.

Thus...the strategic necessity that this extremist enclave befriend the US with the intent to betray that friendship to advance its geopolitical goals.

Thus...the strategic need to create a relationship of trust with a post WWII super power, in order to defraud us.

How else...could Colonial Zionists wage their wars except with our military?

How else...could Jewish nationalists induce our aggression absent the widely shared belief that Israel is not an aggressor but a victim?

Today's intelligence wars are waged in plain sight and under the coveer of shared beliefs. By manipulating consensus opinion, psy ops wars can be won from the inside out by inducing a targeted populace to freely choose the very forces that imperil their freedom.

Germany offers a case study in manipulation of the public mindset in plain sight and under the banner of a free press.

In 2003, Zionist media mogul Haim Saban acquired the second largest media conglomerate in Germany.

Why...Saban investment baker Steve Rattner explained his client's motivation:

"Because Germany is important to Israel."

Or, as Saban concedes: I have only one issue and that issue is Israel.

By 2005, Saban had succeeded in electing Angela Merkel as German Chancellor,. She quickly became the European Union's most reliable and forceful advocate for Israel.

By November 2009, she was prepared to sponsor in Berlin an unprecedented joint session of the German and Israeli governments.

Following his political success in Germany, Saban acquired in 2007 a controlling interest in Univision, a Latino focused network serving the fastest growing voting bloc in the US.

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