Friday, June 11, 2010


* Name HTML Mencken
* Location Corrugated Tin Shack, AR
* Web http://www.sadlyn...
* Bio Socialist blogger. Gay abortionist. Bible-flushing, flag-incinerating moonbat.

As punishment, S,N! orders HTML Mencken to refrain from all progressive activities (including recreational abortion, Ba’al worship, drug abuse, gay recruitment drives, flag burning, and bible stomping) for at least two full hours.

The mass delusion of so many wingnut delta males who like to believe they are alpha males is an endlessly fascinating topic for we armchair psychologists. There's just a huge tangle of psychosexual/psychopathological issues there to fascinate/horrify. Some people read about serial killers; we read the pixellated crayon-scribblings of so many faux-butch wingnuts.

masculinity-by-proxy. so many bovine, doughy and pasty wingnuts with office jobs, the ennui and aimless drift of it all: well, wingnuttery gives them purpose. They're all a bunch of Lieutenant Calleys without that sociopath's courage or ability.

Anyway, to shamelessly blogwhore again, here's a large gallery of wingnuts:

"Bad jokes and gay marriage are destroying this country. But torture can save it." –Jon Stewart

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