Friday, June 11, 2010

Turkey has just used the North Atlantic Treaty to force the hand of the United States

I wasn't there, but people have reported that the Israeli commandos were mockingly shouting "One minute!, "One minute!", when they dropped out of the sky and onto the Turkish boat Mavi Marmara in the recent Gaza Freedom Flotilla which left nine Turks dead. Here's the problem and it is a very big problem. The film clip below isn't Ahmadinejad. This is Davos and this is Turkey, Erdoğan stormed out of Davos and Bin Laden is stuck in a cave in Afghanistan just when we need him in Ankara. Since this event, Turkey has formed a very threatening alliance with Iran and Syria, and worked with Brazil to make a "nuclear fuel" swap for Iran, which basically trumps the Iran sanctions, and seriously craps out the "march to Iran". A very compelling case has been made that the flotilla operation was a coup d'tate attempt on Erdoğan. We sub'ed it out to the Israeli's and they basically gave us this.

In a deal like this, everyone has a theory, all of which are supported by facts. The most bogus theory is the USG theory, which starts with a corporate media blackout and a propaganda redirect. In fact, the USG has been caught flat footed. The USG is playing checkers in a game where everyone else is playing chess. One thing, for sure, the USG policy in serious disarray, but worse than that, the official narrative is getting very flaky, we should say transparent. The "signal to noise ratio" is getting quite high. When people don't know what to think, it's hard to organize public opinion, much less, war, death and destruction. This is when governments stall out. This might be an interesting question. What was the "signal to noise ratio" in the Soviet Union when it finally collapsed in 1991 and Boris Yeltsin seized power

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