Saturday, June 05, 2010

Low Intensity Warfare and PKO

termed Low Intensity Warfare by the British Army officer, Frank Kitson, who developed
the method for Malaysia, in Kenya during the Mau Mau freedom struggles and in Northern Ireland

‘Low Intensity Warfare’ as Kitson termed it, involves use of deception, of infiltration by double agents, provocateurs, and use of defectors into legitimate popular movements such as those struggling for colonial independence after 1945.

Gang/Counter-Gang. The orchestrating agency controls the actions of both sides, creating small civil wars, creating gang wars, dividing the legitimate movement, thus creating pretext for Peace-Keeping Operations” or PKO.

In his advanced course on American Military Intervention Since Vietnam, Grant Hammond of the US Air War College refers openly to Low Intensity Conflict, aka Peace Keeping Operations as, “war by another name".

Iraq 2003 US invasion. US and British Special Forces covertly armed the insurgents against US-backed regimes in Iraq or Afghan. arming the Taliban same time pouring millions into arming local ‘anti-Taliban’ fighters

This is textbook low-intensity warfare

These Special Forces who are arming ‘insurgents’ include private mercenaries or military contractors such as Blackwater (recently renamed Xe

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