Saturday, June 05, 2010

Training the police…

Central to Low Intensity Warfare is the US program to ‘train’ Afghan police. Jeremy Kuzmarov, American historian, has analyzed the US training of domestic police

an essential means where the United States creates a loyal internal security apparatus of client regimes, fortifying their power and repressing the political opposition.

Obama has placed a premium on police training. The stated aim is to provide security to the population so as to enable local forces to gradually take over from the military. A similar strategy in Iraq. In both, implicated in sectarian violence, death squad activity and torture. At the same time, weaponry has found its way to
insurgents, many have infiltrated state security apparatus, contributing to
long-drawn out nature of the war

The police in Afghanistan are operated by ethnic warlords paid by the CIA, routinely do shakedowns at random checkpoints, shooting and killing unarmed demonstrators, stealing local farmers’ land, terrorizing the civilian population and participating in house-to-house raids in US military-assisted sweep operations.

This fits with a larger historical pattern of ethnic antagonisms and social polarizations bred by the United States intervention. It is the mobilization of police for military and political ends. Operation Phoenix is an example

repression is a central weapon of US Low Intensity and it is also in addition to
instrument for exercising state power. repression spread the war and domestic resistance. That spreading serves to justify Obama’s ‘surge.’ It is a self-feeding process of spreading conflict. This has been the US aim since the end of Soviet Union

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