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In the attempt to create a Greater Israel, colonize the West Bank, Israel controls 5 million Palestinians

There will be one course or the other. Palestinians
get a state, or, at least half of the people will not be Jewish, not have any political rights

In a world which Israel controls is a world they have to either become a multi-ethnic, truly, a liberal democracy where everybody has the right to vote which is no longer a Jewish state. or, an apartheid state
unconditional and uncritical US support has allowed that situation, thereby threatening Israel’s long-term future.

Some think that “It’s already too late. There are too many colonies in the West Bank. Bantustans already created. walls built, done deal — there never will be a two-state solution

Eventually, not just de facto, but an outright single state with the Jewish character destroyed and the future will be a struggle for political rights within Israel.

“What is American policy?”, support an apartheid state
Or, “one person, one vote” which is consistent with America’s political traditions

many Israelis, who argue a one-state system of control exists in de facto brings us to the United State
the only country with sufficient potential leverage

Obama came out on this big roll “No, I’m determined. We’re going to get this done, failed, and fell back to a bush-light policy

Andrew Cockburn defined the neoconservative movement
“This is where the Israel lobby crosses with the military industrial complex.” And basically Lockheed and Northrop Grumman and all those companies needed to hire some intellectuals to come up with excuses for selling their weapons and so they made this kind of mob marriage with the neocons back in the ’70s, and so we have this immense power behind this neoconservative movement.

Emergency Committee for Israel, Bill Kristol and Gary Bauer. groups like AIPAC, the Conference of Presidents
Washington Institute for Near East Policy, American Enterprise Institute, and the Saban Center at Brookings

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