Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why has the Post series created so little reaction?

Glenn Greenwald is one of the greats. In an honest world this is the kind of guy who would routinely be on the news hour. He is one of many unbiased, investigative reporters who are banned on the USG corporate media because he refuses to censor himself to their specifications. Thanks to the internet, we get him anyway. Here is Greenwald talking about the Washington Post's (WaPo) Secret Government article.

Remember how The Washington Post spent three days documenting on its front page that we basically live under a vast Secret Government -- composed of military and intelligence agencies and the largest corporations -- so sprawling and unaccountable that nobody even knows what it does? This public/private Secret Government spies, detains, interrogates, and even wages wars in the dark, while sucking up untold hundreds of billions of dollars every year for the private corporations which run it. Has any investigative series ever caused less of a ripple than this one?

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