Thursday, March 27, 2014

10 Reasons Why Alex Jones Should Be Tried For Treason
The goal of Alex Jones and his Zionist handlers is to get America to destroy herself. This is done the same way that Russia was destroyed under Stalin; dividing and then collapsing society upon itself by baiting Americans into a violent revolution against their own police and military.

Alex Jones is the founder of and, and the self-proclaimed grand-daddy of the 9/11 Truth movement. He has made and produced countless documentaries, the most famous of which are Terrorstorm, End Game, The Obama Deceptionand Fall of the Republic. While many people have enjoyed listening to his radio show, patriotic Americans are now starting to question his true motives.

 1. STRATFOR Intelligence Operative
 2. End Game
 3. The Stochastic Terrorist
 4. The Y2K Beta Test
 5. Assassination of William “Bill” Cooper
 6. Alex Jones goes COINTELPRO at the Austin Gun Rally
 7. The Terror Predictions
 8. Denial of Zionism
 9. The Millionaire Truther
 10. The Super Bowl XLV Nuclear Terror Plot

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